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We are authorized to sell spare parts for many popular printer models.

Please take a look at our inventory and if you can’t find the part you need, we can help you find it.

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Onyx Thrive 6-4-2 RIP Software Version 12 Island Clean Air Duster 2000 - Fume Pro Flexa Extrim 160 (64") Electric Trimmer (DEMO UNITS AVAILABLE) Seiko H2-74S 74" Solvent Printer
List Price: $6,995.00
OUR PRICE: $4,495.00
Savings: $2,500.00
OUR PRICE: $2,195.00
OUR PRICE: $17,995.00
Onyx Thrive 6-4-2 Version 12 RIP Software
Duster 2000 Fume Pro, all new carbon and filters!
Flexa Extrim Electric Trimmer for precise and speedy cutting of printed graphics
Seiko H2-74S Solvent Printer, 5 new heads and more, fully operational
HP LX850 3.2 Meter Latex Printer Sublimax 170/170T Heat Calendar for Dye Sublimation (DEMO UNIT AVAILABLE) Epson DX-2 Color Printhead Aristo TL-48 (1625C) Flatbed Cutting Table, Many Extras!
DX-2 Color Printhead
HP LX850 3.2 Meter Latex Printer, very well-maintained, fully operational!
Flexa Heat Transfer/Sublimation Unit for digital dye sublimation. Genuine Epson DX-2 Color Printhead, works on any printer using this style of head Aristo TL-48 Flatbed Cutter for Contour Cutting
UV Curing Lamps Direct Color Systems DirectJet 1024UVMVP6
OUR PRICE: $22,995.00
UV Curing Lamp
We offer UV lamps for virtually any printer at very competitive prices! There are too many to list, please call for price!

Click here for a simple form or call us at 1-888-335-5914 to receive a lamp quote (clickable).
Direct Color Systems DirectJet 1024UVMVP6 (Factory Refurb)