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We are authorized to sell spare parts for many popular printer models.

Please take a look at our inventory and if you can’t find the part you need, we can help you find it.

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Epson DX-2 Color Printhead Island Clean Air Duster 3000 - Dust Control Graphtec FC8000-160 64" Cutter/Plotter for contour cutting. Island Clean Air Duster 3000 - Fume Control
OUR PRICE: $3,395.00
OUR PRICE: $4,995.00
OUR PRICE: $3,995.00
DX-2 Color Printhead Duster 3000 Graphtec FC8000-160 Cutter/Plotter Duster 3000
Genuine Epson DX-2 Color Printhead, works on any printer using this style of head. Island Clean Air Duster 3000 air purification unit. Graphtec FC8000-160 Cutter/Plotter Island Clean Air Duster 3000 air purification unit - Fume Control.
OCE GT-350 98" Flatbed Printer with Roll-Feed Roland SJ-745EX 74" Solvent Printer, fully refurbished. UV Curing Lamps
OUR PRICE: $7,495.00
Roland SJ-745EX 74" Solvent Printer UV Curing Lamp
Oce GT-350 98" flatbed printer with roll-to-roll system for flexible medias.
Roland SJ-745EX 74" Solvent Printer We offer UV lamps for virtually any printer at very competitive prices! There are too many to list, please call for price!

Click here for a simple form or call us at 1-888-335-5914 to receive a lamp quote (clickable).