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JOB PREQUALIFICATION: How much time do you spend with a customer before a support call becomes a job? We know the answer to that one. When we hand you a job, all this has been taken care of.

PRINTER REPAIR KITS: We have found that most printer jobs can be repaired with the same set of parts. The trouble is, they are expensive, and you know the "Darn, I just used my last capping station yesterday!" We have identified those parts and put them together in printer-specific repair kits which we will ship the client in advance of the job. Need a pump? No problem, got it! Then ship the kit back to us with the prepaid waybill enclosed. Nifty!

PARTS ORDERING AND FOLLOW UP: Yes, there are always the jobs that need unique parts. Oops, the factory is out of them and the customer is down! We will source them, order them, and get them to the customer's site for you - and let you know the status so you can manage your valuable time. There is no point going onsite if you don't have the parts! And the responsibility is ours for the unique parts that you don’t use that the customer wishes to return.

SPARE PARTS INVENTORY AND SOURCING: We have many parts in stock that are large or unique that don't really need to be in a kit. Not to mention the many, many sources we have for other parts - local, national, and international. We can have the parts that are needed when they are needed, at competitive prices for our customers.

JOB DOCUMENTATION AND HISTORY: We start you with a Job Ticket complete wiith prequalification information, contact info, anticipated parts list, and more if necessary. You fill out a Work Order onsite, get a signature, fax it to us, and you are done! Invaluable history is also available from previous tech visits. Coming soon, online job ticketing through our proprietary GrafxTrax™ CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System), enter your job notes, and close it out, so you don't even have to fill out a Work Order!

COLLECTIONS: The heavy lifting there is our job. We work out terms with the customer in advance of your arrival. If a credit card, our Payments-to-Go™ system allows you to accept payment on your smart phone while onsite. If a check, simply mail it to us. Either way, you get paid right away. Basically go do the job, go home, and wait for a check. Your job is hard enough-it's our job to take care of the tough stuff for you.

LIABILITY INSURANCE: You will find customers that will require you to carry full liability insurance to even step on their premises (government, big business, etc.). Or, a printer tips over by accident, some unforeseen damage occurs while attempting a repair, or worse. You are the guy on the hook in any case. Are you ready to absorb such a financial hit? Once contracted with GrafxNetwork, we back you with full General Liability and supplement with full Professional Errors and Omissions Liability insurance at no additional cost to you, with coverage to $1,000,000. We have your back!

SUPPORT SERVICES:After the job is done, if the client has questions, the first call comes to us. If necessary, we will contact you, and only if really necessary, we will ask you to call the client, as you of course are the only one who really knows what you did onsite. But as you know, there are situations we all may need some outside assistance. For that, we have our...

TECHNICIAN'S FORUM:GrafxForum™ will be a place for you to share thoughts, ideas, and ask questions of your colleagues in our network. If you have encountered it, likely someone else has too. This is a network where we can all help and learn from each other. Beyond help from your colleagues, there is always the need for a good site to find...

DOCS ONLINE™:Coming soon, our repository for every important industry-related wide format document, driver, firmware, utility, white paper, article, and more. We have employed easy-to-use SQL server database technology to help you find what you need. Certainly you have your own library, and we don't boast to have everything-yet! We ask you to submit your library through built-in tools to make the GrafxNetwork Docs Online™ the industry's best!

TRAINING: We currently offer periodic training sessions in our Atlanta, GA corporate headquarters and technical facility. You will be kept informed of upcoming training sessions to increase your knowledge and skill set, which will put you in line for more jobs in the future! In addition, we are getting on board with more and more manufacturers for certification on new equipment.

OTHER REVENUE OPPORTUNITIES:We are always looking for ways to put money in your pocket. Simply be on the lookout for repair clients who are looking either to move existing equipment or purchase additional equipment for their shops. If you find such an opportunity, tell us. If a deal happens (either a purchase or sale), you will be cut in on the proceeds. In addition, beyond repair and maintenance services, we offer training, color management, installation/de-installation, logistics and moving services, and more-all of which you can participate in if you are qualified for the job. We also offer online remote sessions for customers. If you are the technician, you can be paid for this service while working from the comfort of your home.

MARKETING:As mentioned above, we will aggressively market the GrafxNetwork using the variety of venues available. We know people with virtually all of the major equipment and media manufacturers, dealers, and franchise companies. Not willing to rest on just that, we will market through the web, in print, and at major trade shows. All to get jobs for you! In addition, to help our identity on the street, we will provide you with business cards, shirts, marketing materials, and more. With GrafxNetwork doing all this for you, why try to do it on your own?

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